Monday, May 16, 2011

Keeping the "girls" up.

Hello again. the "girls"? Later on this one.  If you are in this situation you know it is day by day. I have been busy getting ready for a hugh piano recital. Of course I never do anything small. Keeps my mind active. One of us has to have an active mind. by the way thanks for the neat comments. If anything I say helps----yippee. what i want to share today is be good to yourself. Don't forget, if you go down, what will happen. You certainly cannot depend on most of those relatives. I love to gamble. Matter of fact my whole life has been a gamble of some sort. So I have found a local casino where I can get away for a few hours. slots are fun and can help you to relax. Also go shopping for YOU. My chest is drooping and I decided to help out the "girls" and give them a lift. It really gave me an all over lift. Also go buy some new make-up. Remember, its the small things that really count. More on this subject later. well until another day  REMEMBER=KEEP THE GIRLS UP.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


            I want to clear something up. The dummies thing does not mean that people who are disabled are dummies. I was referring to those books that help when you don't know what to do. Which is most of the time for me.
            This weekend was hectic as usual. I try to get hubby out as much as possible. He doesn't  drive anymore which is good as he may choose the gas pedal instead of the brake. We have this memory problem. When I left the house he said I hope your name is the same when you get back. well that's what I live with.
             Something I have done is make a daily list.Up at 7- shower -shave-brush teeth. 8- breakfast-pills-paper, 9-exercise,10- snack etc. If we change the schedule all heck breaks loose. He is very confused. So this really works. But you have to list everything or it will not be done. gotta go but I will get better at this. Please be patient. Bye

Friday, April 8, 2011

Before the new world

                    Good evening and welcome to my world.  My old world of life ended with a beautiful cruise to the west coast..  I had to prove to my hubby that he needed double knee surgery.  Well........... Let me tell you, THINK TWICE  before you do this.  A little bit about me before we go on.I am   63  and I look 50 and act like I am 21. I taught 500 kids a day for 30 years(music, choirs and stuff). Never sent a kid to the office. The biggest discipline problem in my classes was me. Now I teach 40 students piano. So a nancy nurse  I am NOT.
                      When your hubby "hits the wall"- double knee surgery, a prostate the size of New Jersey, a stroke TIAs  and blood clots. THINGS CHANGE.  So I wanted to share with anyone out there who is going through this type of life. I will warn you this will be humorus. Because if you cannot laugh about your new adventures, you will not survive. I will be back another day to share stories so far.